Accepted Papers

The following papers are accepted at ICTIR'24 and displayed in alphabetical order.

A Quantum Annealing Instance Selection Approach for Efficient and Effective Transformer Fine-Tuning

Andrea Pasin, Washington Cunha, Marcos André Gonçalves, Nicola Ferro

An Analysis of Stopping Strategies in Conversational Search Systems

Xiao Fu, Maria Perez-Ortiz, Aldo Lipani

Capturing the Spectrum of Social Media Conflict: A Novel Multi-objective Classification Model

Oliver Warke, Joemon M. Jose, Jan Breitsohl, Jie Wang

CFE2: Counterfactual Editing for Search Result Explanation

Zhichao Xu, Hemank Lamba, Qingyao Ai, Joel R. Tetreault, Alejandro Jaimes

Cognitively Biased Users Interacting with Algorithmically Biased Results in Whole-Session Search on Debated Topics

Ben Wang, Jiqun Liu

Coherence-based Query Performance Measures for Dense Retrieval

Maria Vlachou, Craig MacDonald

CrossMath: Towards Cross-lingual Math Information Retrieval

James Gore, Joseph Polletta, Behrooz Mansouri

Distillation vs. Sampling for Efficient Training of Learning to Rank Models

Pooya Khandel, Andrew Yates, Ana-Lucia Varbanescu, Maarten de Rijke, Andy D. Pimentel

Evaluation of Temporal Change in IR Test Collections

Jüri Keller, Timo Breuer, Philipp Schaer

Learning to Rank for Non Independent and Identically Distributed Datasets

Nicola Tonellotto, Raffaele Perego, Jacopo Cecchetti

Normalised Precision at Fixed Recall for Evaluating TAR

Wojciech Kusa, Georgios Peikos, Moritz Staudinger, Aldo Lipani, Allan Hanbury

On Adaptive Knowledge Distillation with Generalized KL-Divergence Loss for Ranking Model Refinement

Yingrui Yang, Shanxiu He, Tao Yang

Pb-Hash: Partitioned b-bit Hashing

Ping Li, Weijie Zhao

Pencils Down! Automatic Rubric-based Evaluation of Retrieve/Generate Systems

Naghmeh Farzi, Laura Dietz

Personalized Beyond-accuracy Calibration in Recommendation

Mohammadmehdi Naghiaei, Mahdi Dehghan, Hossein A. Rahmani, Javad Azizi, Mohammad Aliannejadi

Query Variability and Experimental Consistency: A Concerning Case Study

Lida Rashidi, Justin Zobel, Alistair Moffat

Ranking-Incentivized Document Manipulations for Multiple Queries

Haya Nachimovsky, Moshe Tennenholtz, Fiana Raiber, Oren Kurland

Retrieval Augmented Zero-Shot Text Classification

Tassallah Abdullahi, Ritambhara Singh, Carsten Eickhoff

Scalable Range Search over Temporal and Numerical Expressions

Vebjørn Ohr, Dhruv Gupta

Sponsored Question Answering

Tommy Mordo, Moshe Tennenholtz, Oren Kurland

Target Span Detection for Implicit Harmful Content

Nazanin Jafari, James Allan, Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar

The Art of Asking: Prompting Large Language Models for Serendipity Recommendations

Zhe Fu, Xi Niu

The Impacts of Data, Ordering, and Intrinsic Dimensionality on Recall in Hierarchical Navigable Small Worlds

Owen Pendrigh Elliott, Jesse Clark

Towards a Formal Characterization of User Simulation Objectives in Conversational Information Access

Nolwenn Bernard, Krisztian Balog

Towards Group-aware Search Success

Haolun Wu, Bhaskar Mitra, Nick Craswell

Which Neurons Matter in IR? Applying Integrated Gradients-based Methods to Understand Cross-Encoders

Mathias Vast, Basile Van Cooten, Laure Soulier, Benjamin Piwowarski